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Who Hijacked the Primaries?


Perhaps the Liberal Left and the Drive-By Media think it unfortunate that Hillary looks tired, wrinkled, and haggard. But be assured, mainstream media did not miscalculate when they put this picture over the line.

They figure you will feel sorry for her; and she’s probably hoping you do, too.  What happened here?  Doesn’t she want to stand on her own two feet?  Or does she need Monica’s ex-boyfriend to prop her up?

I thought this was a man when I first saw the photo.  No joke.  It looks bad.  Do you want to watch this woman age before your eyes, while her husband is cavorting around the White House?

We live in a culture that is so devoted and addicted to perfection, particularly in women, that we are willing to look the other way when it comes to Hillary Clinton?  Are we so vacuous that we lend more lenience to men than we do to women?

Do you really want to watch this woman grow older by the day, as she leads the country?  I sure don’t.

And, when it comes to declining poll numbers, it’s not because of her looks.  Although, her looks aren’t helping matters much.

But the story has been brought back to life at ABC News.  Of all the things to talk about regarding the South Carolina primary, why would ABC News think that it’s time to re-run a story with the headline:  “Is Clinton Scrutinized About Her Looks Too Much? Some Experts Say NY Senator Criticized More Than Her Male Opponents.

Yes, folks, that’s life. Go ask any aging Hollywood actress how easy it is to get lead roles as opposed to aging Hollywood men and their ability to get lead rolls.  Go ask aging female news anchors and weather reporters in local and regional markets why they are continually replaced with younger, much prettier, and less experienced candidates of the same gender.

It’s not fair, but that’s the way things are, and that’s the way our culture is.  Some women get mad having to admit this with some disgust, that, as certain men grow older they look more distinguished, virile and powerful.  Men look more accomplished and more achieved in their later years.  Contrariwise, some women look worn out in advanced age.  Others hold up very well, but they are the exception to the rule.  (Go ahead, call me a misogynist.  I’m not, but you can go ahead and call me that.  You might also be wrong if you don’t guess my correct gender.)

That’s the way it is.  Go blame God.  Go blame somebody else.  Go play the blame game because you can’t accept the premise that this is the way our American culture has evolved.

So… the question is this: do you want to elect this woman just because she thinks she deserves it?  Who does she think she is?