Foreign Affairs: Obama is NOT Up To The Job

Posted: July 15, 2009 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

One of the most important positions The President of the United States holds is administering foreign affairs. The President is the leader of the free world, and recent events in foreign affairs bode poorly for the President, the United States and, in turn, the rest of the free world. In short, they cause many to question whether President Obama is up to the job of leading our country in the crucial area of foreign affairs. So far, he’s done a horrible job and has earned the derision, laughter and ridicule from our enemies.

Foreign affairs has an ever-changing set of rules depending on the circumstances in the world. It is a complex game — if you will — with the highest possible stakes that demands vision, courage, commitment, stealth, steely nerves, and a willingness to take calculated risks. It also demands a thorough understanding of the concept of national interest; ours as well as that of our enemies and allies — of which Mr. Obama seems to be severely lacking, naive and ignorant.

To be the “leader” of the free world, one must put in his or her time in the minor leagues before moving up to the majors. In the “big leagues” everyone plays for keeps, and the losers die. There is absolutely no room for error, and Mr. Obama’s performance, to date, in foreign affairs have been miserable and proof positive that he is NOT up to the job.

Here are just a few examples of the President’s poor performance in foreign affairs:

  • His handling of the Guantanamo issue embarrassed his administration and party.
  • His public statements on North Korea, are having little to no effect on the guy with the bad haircut. While the politically — and constitutionally — challenged American public swoons on every speech delivered by the Eloquent One, Kim Jong II is not swayed by speeches, no matter how articulate they may be.
  • After Obama labeled a nuclear-armed North Korea a “grave threat,” the mentally unstable dictator thumbed his nose at the President by having two American journalists arrested and sentenced to 12 years at hard labor. Soon to follow on the heels of that were the launching of more “test” missiles and underground nuclear explosions.

In the meantime, North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons undeterred by Obama’s rhetoric.

[There is a lesson in here for you Mr. President, if you’re paying attention.]

Obama’s biggest foreign-affairs blunder so far has been his flacid response to election fraud in Iran and to the bigger issue of nuclear proliferation in a country that has given him and his cohorts their cues in the hate-America movement.

Flowery words and articulation alone are insufficient when the stability of the world depends in large measure on America’s strength and resolve. Teddy Roosevelt knew this when he said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” His big stick was America’s great fleet of battleships and military power. He put the fleet on display around the world to back up his words and sent a message to our allies and enemies about American strength and resolve.

President Reagan followed suit when he said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” Then to back up this courageous statement, he threatened to deploy the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). The Mainstream Media in America scoffed at the idea calling it “Star Wars.”

But the Soviet Union didn’t scoff — they blinked — and the rest is history.

Our enemies were afraid of us at one time. The Soviet Union was scared of Ronald Reagan. Hell, he even scared us at times!

Contrast the boldness, clarity, and resolve of Presidents Roosevelt and Reagan with the tentative, pensive and tepid actions of President Obama and what comes to mind is simply a more articulate version of Jimmy Carter in dire need of some political “stimulus” to overcome his dysfunction.

Even his detractors admit that President Obama is an articulate speaker. If his teleprompter doesn’t break, he can deliver a moving speech. However, when off prompter, he’s even more ridiculous than his predecesor.

Unfortunately, the world leaders — and our enemies — he must deal with are not like American voters—they don’t confuse image with substance.

Rather, they have the instincts of sharks for detecting vulnerability. If Obama appears weak or indecisive, our allies will lose faith in America and make the best deal they can with our enemies. In the meantime our enemies will do what sharks always do: they will circle their prey and attack at their first opportunity.


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