Prosecute Ahmadinejad?

Posted: November 4, 2009 by thesundowner in Islamic Jihadists, Muslim Extremists

On September 23rd, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ascended the podium at the United Nations General Assembly and presumed to talk down to the rest of us like we were a bunch of snotty little school children.  He must have been taking lessons from the Anointed One.

This man, who stole his re-election from the will of his own people and violently suppresses his political opponents sought to teach the world about democracy.

Just who in the hell does this puff-bag think he is?

This man who persecutes religious minorities and tortures civic activists presumed to lecture the world about human rights. This man who denies the Holocaust and has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and then has the balls to accuse Israel of genocide.

The United Nations and the world must stop treating Mahmoud Ahmadinejad like a national leader and start treating him like the thug he is.  He is in the same league and company as Obama.

It is the opinion of some that Ahmadinejad must be brought before the International Criminal Court to stand trial for what may well be his most serious crime: incitement to genocide.  It is this editor’s opinion that he must be removed from power by all means possible as was Saddam Hussein.  And if a direct attempt against his life, like that which occurred against Ghadafi, were to happen, then there would be very few mourners.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s repeated threats to destroy Israel present a clear case of incitement to genocide. He has made these threats explicitly, publicly, and repeatedly. His pursuit of nuclear weapons and long range missiles, as well as his ongoing support for Hezbollah and Hamas, demonstrate that these threats are by no means idle.

And while we are at the issue of removing Ahmadinejad from power, let’s move the United Nations out of New York, out of the United States, and quit funding an organization that is inherently anti-American.  Let them move to Tehran.


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