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Your Dictionary Word of the Day: Anachronistic

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Subject: Your Dictionary Word of the Day: Anachronistic

Anachronistic (adjective)

Pronunciation: [uh-nak-ruh-‘nis-tik]

Definition: In the wrong time, chronologically inaccurate, containing an anachronism.

Usage: An anachronism is something that is out of its historical time period; therefore, if something is anachronistic, it appears in the wrong temporal context. Does that blow your mind? If so, try blowing others’ minds with it by insisting that famous works of art are anachronistic. “The Mona Lisa couldn’t possibly have been painted by Da Vinci. She’s wearing an anachronistic watch and holding an iPhone.” Or, “If Shakespeare really wrote this, what’s with the anachronistic reference to the flux capacitor in Act II, Scene 3?” You’ll eventually be proven wrong, of course, but the fun could last for hours. Remember, the word is not to be confused with anarchistic, which is an act of anarchy that can occur in any time and place.

Suggested Usage: Anachronisms are most evident in carelessly filmed movies and works of literature that have not been sufficiently researched. Chronological flubs appear on the silver screen all the time, such as the Post-It notes visible in Almost Famous or the 1980s maps used in the Indiana Jones’ films. Look for anachronisms yourself; you’re bound to find some.

Etymology: The word anachronism comes from the Greek anakhronismos, a combination of the prefix ana (meaning against) with khronos, which means time. In Ancient Greek, the word anakhronizo, which bears a very close similarity to our phrase anachronism, literally means “of the wrong time.”

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Make Your Promises Honestly

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By Bob Cox

Building a solid reputation (in business or personally) requires diligent and consistent action. It can blow up in an instant. No matter your past accomplishments, one unfortunate incident can ruin it all.

And it doesn’t take a major incident to call your integrity into question. Breaking a promise — small or large — is dishonorable in its own way.

Get in the habit of keeping promises. Don’t make promises just to please people or avoid discussing an issue. And certainly don’t make a promise you know you will break. Be honest with yourself and others before you commit to anything.

Broken promises result in missed opportunities, resentment, and anxiety. Furthermore, broken promises can lead to damaged friendships and loss of business.

Most people don’t mind the occasional broken promise. As long as it comes with a reasonable explanation or heartfelt apology. However, the most successful people I know value the commitments they make. They keep their promises faithfully. It is a matter of honor.

We are all busy. And with time being so limited, nothing is more important than quickly building solid relationships with your coworkers, partners, friends, family, customers, and vendors. Broken promises will destroy your credibility with them. And that will stop your success in its tracks.

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Shakedown in Copenhagen

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Shakedown in Copenhagen by Patrick Buchanan

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenari — who is representing all of Africa here — unveiled his proposal Wednesday for a system in which rich countries would provide money to poor ones to help deal with the effects of climate change…

Zenawi said he would accept $30 billion in the short term, rising to $100 billion by 2020… This was seen as a key concession by developing countries, which had previously spurned that figure… as too low.

Yeah, right!

I’m wondering where the Two Reverends are on this one?

Pirates Prove That Obama Has No Onions

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It was almost one year ago that America lost its first oil tanker. The Sirius Star is the largest ship in history to be captured by pirates. But now America has lost a second one: a 300,000 metric tons oil tanker — the Maran Centaurus — is only slightly smaller and ranks as the second-largest ship ever taken.

As the Somali thugs sailed their $150 million-plus prize back to their home port — well, actually, they weren’t bright enough to sail the vessel, so they put a gun to the captain’s head and made him sail it…

…anyway, I digress.

The most powerful navy in the world sat impotent because Secretary Gates wasn’t unleashed by BHO — who, we all know, doesn’t have the backbone to tangle in a fight.  He’s not a fighter: he’s just a community organizer.  And as such, we all know that community organizers don’t have any spines.

The question is asked Why could America be so weak?  Simple: that question was just answered in the previous paragraph.

What you won’t hear on the Main Stream Media is that local warlords are now holding 587 hostages taken from captured ships from around the world: including those flying under our flag.  The list of stolen ships anchored in Somali ports and awaiting ransoms include an oil tanker, a chemical tanker, bulk carriers, cargo ships, container ships, luxury yachts and fishing trawlers.

And unless someone acts, the frequency of pirate attacks may be about to go full steam ahead.

But, don’t look for Obama to have the cojones to do anything about it: he’s too busy basking in his celebrity delusions at the Nobel celebrations, preparing to sell our sovereignty to the cheapest bidder, all the while dissing the Norwegian monarchy.

Last time I remember, he was fond of monarchs: especially so, that he would even bow to drink at their sychophantic laver.

Why is America not taking any meaningful action? America knows exactly where the pirates are. It knows where the ships are anchored. It even knows where many of the pirate bosses live. And its oil supplies have been threatened twice now!

America is not impotent, but its Community Organizer in Chief is.  He’s a joke and the rest of the world knows it and uses him for the stock of their humor.

America is not doing anything — not due to a lack of firepower — but willpower.  There may still be plenty of power in America today, but the will to use it is doubtful.

There’s only one thing thugs understand: brute force and the resolve to use it.

Remember the Bainbridge?  You know… the one where three Somali thugs (er, “pirates”) were shot by Navy Seal sharpshooters?

Hmmm… deja vu.  It was Admiral Bainbridge, who in 1805, stormed the beaches in Dyerna, Libya with the Marines and rescued Americans held prisoner in Tripoli.

Thugs have short memories when we don’t exercise our resolve.

Remember Ghadafi?  Remember how long he kept quiet after Reagan “rang his bells?”

Since Bainbridge kicked their keisters 204 years ago, the endurance of the memory stayed with them… a long, long time.

It worked for Truman in Japan.  It would also work in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

But, until we get a leader with some real “onions” between his (or her) legs — whichever the case may be — don’t expect American ships to dock in Somalia anytime soon… unless they’re sailed in under the pirate flag.

Goldman Sachs Ought To Be Tarred and Feathered!

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Goldman Sachs got caught with their pants down in New York: they were embarrassed when news broke that they were handing out another $16 billion dollars in bonuses to its minions. That’s BILLIONS — with a b… not millions.

To add insult to injury (to you and me, the tax payers who bailed their asses out) they announced that they were coughing up a paltry $500 million dollars to “help out” small business.

Funny thing — no, actually it’s not funny… it’s downright infuriating — “small business” (whoever you are on Main Street) has yet to see any of it.

Then the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs had the chutzpah to actually call this ploy (think BS) “doing God’s work.”

What? Is he now a theologian?

Of course, none of the Main Stream Media and definitely none of the newspapers took the bait. Par for the course. They’re not going to criticize their benefactors when the newspapers are going out of business and they’re looking for Wall Street to “bail” them out, too.

It’s obviously an attempt to buy “good will,” The New York Times said. A way of “apologizing to the public,” was how The Wall Street Journal saw it.

Well, I just cancelled my subscription to the WSJ.

Goldman Sachs, remember, was one of the culprits in the recent fleecing of the American tax payer. Forget the investors: they were in cahoots with this rabble. GS was also a major recipient of the taxpayer-funded bailout.

Should I feel sorry for them? Should I feel bad for someone who can’t take care of their business when I’m expected to take care of mine?

Apparently, Goldman Sachs’s job — and this is true of all investment firms — is to shake its clients upside-down until all their money falls out of their pockets. That’s the way their business works. But, when they pick up that money, blow it at the racetrack, spending it all in the Bahamas or in Lost Wages, and then tell those same investors to fork up more money (through taxes) so they can continue their shakedowns — well, that just pisses me off!

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A new poll reveals that the percentage of Americans who believe carbon dioxide emissions will cause global warming has dropped dramatically in recent years.

And that poll by Harris Interactive was conducted between Nov. 2 and 11 — before the so-called “climategate” controversy erupted, calling into question the validity of some of the science supporting manmade global warming.

The poll found that the percentage of American who believe in global warming has dropped from 75 percent in 2001 and 71 percent in 2007 to just 51 percent.

At the same time, the percentage of those who do not believe in global warming has risen from 19 percent in 2001 and 23 percent in 2007 to 29 percent today, and the percentage who are unsure has climbed from 6 percent to 21 percent since 2001.

“The 51 percent who believe emissions will cause climate change is by far the lowest number recorded in any Harris Poll since we started asking this question 12 years ago,” Harris Interactive disclosed.

Opinions differed sharply along party lines — 73 percent of Democrats believe in manmade global warming, compared to 28 percent of Republicans and 49 percent of Independents.

As for the upcoming international conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, only 28 percent of those polled knew that the main topic to be discussed is global warming and climate change. Nearly 10 percent said the economic crisis would be the topic, while smaller numbers cited nuclear weapons, health and epidemics, terrorism, international trade, or drugs.

Six days after the poll closed, on Nov. 17, someone hacked a server used by the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, and disseminated more than a thousand e-mails and other documents.

Climate change skeptics charge that the e-mails show collusion by climate scientists to skew scientific information in favor of manmade global warming.

The leaked documents “show that prominent scientists were so wedded to theories of manmade global warming that they ridiculed dissenters who asked for copies of their data, plotted how to keep researchers who reached different conclusions from publishing, and concealed apparently buggy computer code from being disclosed under the Freedom of Information law,” CBS News reported.

One climatologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research was quoted as saying: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.”

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