Goldman Sachs Ought To Be Tarred and Feathered!

Posted: December 9, 2009 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Goldman Sachs got caught with their pants down in New York: they were embarrassed when news broke that they were handing out another $16 billion dollars in bonuses to its minions. That’s BILLIONS — with a b… not millions.

To add insult to injury (to you and me, the tax payers who bailed their asses out) they announced that they were coughing up a paltry $500 million dollars to “help out” small business.

Funny thing — no, actually it’s not funny… it’s downright infuriating — “small business” (whoever you are on Main Street) has yet to see any of it.

Then the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs had the chutzpah to actually call this ploy (think BS) “doing God’s work.”

What? Is he now a theologian?

Of course, none of the Main Stream Media and definitely none of the newspapers took the bait. Par for the course. They’re not going to criticize their benefactors when the newspapers are going out of business and they’re looking for Wall Street to “bail” them out, too.

It’s obviously an attempt to buy “good will,” The New York Times said. A way of “apologizing to the public,” was how The Wall Street Journal saw it.

Well, I just cancelled my subscription to the WSJ.

Goldman Sachs, remember, was one of the culprits in the recent fleecing of the American tax payer. Forget the investors: they were in cahoots with this rabble. GS was also a major recipient of the taxpayer-funded bailout.

Should I feel sorry for them? Should I feel bad for someone who can’t take care of their business when I’m expected to take care of mine?

Apparently, Goldman Sachs’s job — and this is true of all investment firms — is to shake its clients upside-down until all their money falls out of their pockets. That’s the way their business works. But, when they pick up that money, blow it at the racetrack, spending it all in the Bahamas or in Lost Wages, and then tell those same investors to fork up more money (through taxes) so they can continue their shakedowns — well, that just pisses me off!


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