Pirates Prove That Obama Has No Onions

Posted: December 12, 2009 by thesundowner in Uncategorized
It was almost one year ago that America lost its first oil tanker. The Sirius Star is the largest ship in history to be captured by pirates. But now America has lost a second one: a 300,000 metric tons oil tanker — the Maran Centaurus — is only slightly smaller and ranks as the second-largest ship ever taken.

As the Somali thugs sailed their $150 million-plus prize back to their home port — well, actually, they weren’t bright enough to sail the vessel, so they put a gun to the captain’s head and made him sail it…

…anyway, I digress.

The most powerful navy in the world sat impotent because Secretary Gates wasn’t unleashed by BHO — who, we all know, doesn’t have the backbone to tangle in a fight.  He’s not a fighter: he’s just a community organizer.  And as such, we all know that community organizers don’t have any spines.

The question is asked Why could America be so weak?  Simple: that question was just answered in the previous paragraph.

What you won’t hear on the Main Stream Media is that local warlords are now holding 587 hostages taken from captured ships from around the world: including those flying under our flag.  The list of stolen ships anchored in Somali ports and awaiting ransoms include an oil tanker, a chemical tanker, bulk carriers, cargo ships, container ships, luxury yachts and fishing trawlers.

And unless someone acts, the frequency of pirate attacks may be about to go full steam ahead.

But, don’t look for Obama to have the cojones to do anything about it: he’s too busy basking in his celebrity delusions at the Nobel celebrations, preparing to sell our sovereignty to the cheapest bidder, all the while dissing the Norwegian monarchy.

Last time I remember, he was fond of monarchs: especially so, that he would even bow to drink at their sychophantic laver.

Why is America not taking any meaningful action? America knows exactly where the pirates are. It knows where the ships are anchored. It even knows where many of the pirate bosses live. And its oil supplies have been threatened twice now!

America is not impotent, but its Community Organizer in Chief is.  He’s a joke and the rest of the world knows it and uses him for the stock of their humor.

America is not doing anything — not due to a lack of firepower — but willpower.  There may still be plenty of power in America today, but the will to use it is doubtful.

There’s only one thing thugs understand: brute force and the resolve to use it.

Remember the Bainbridge?  You know… the one where three Somali thugs (er, “pirates”) were shot by Navy Seal sharpshooters?

Hmmm… deja vu.  It was Admiral Bainbridge, who in 1805, stormed the beaches in Dyerna, Libya with the Marines and rescued Americans held prisoner in Tripoli.

Thugs have short memories when we don’t exercise our resolve.

Remember Ghadafi?  Remember how long he kept quiet after Reagan “rang his bells?”

Since Bainbridge kicked their keisters 204 years ago, the endurance of the memory stayed with them… a long, long time.

It worked for Truman in Japan.  It would also work in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

But, until we get a leader with some real “onions” between his (or her) legs — whichever the case may be — don’t expect American ships to dock in Somalia anytime soon… unless they’re sailed in under the pirate flag.

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