Liberals On The Run, Keep Up The Pressure

Posted: January 25, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Mac Warner for Congress

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Mac Warner for Congress Are you fed up with things in Washington? Tired of having your hard-earned dollars “redistributed” by people who have never met a payroll, created a job, or earned a living outside of government? My name is Mac Warner and I have had enough of it. That is why I’ve decided to do something I never dreamed I would do – run for Congress.

I’m running in the 1st Congressional District of West Virginia against a long-term Democrat incumbent who has voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time. Our district is conservative; George Bush won it twice and John McCain won it overwhelmingly in 2008. Following the momentum from Massachusetts last night, this year is a great opportunity to knock out this democratic incumbent who represents everything bad about Washington – numerous newspapers report his involvement in scandal, corruption and extreme partisan politics – while I represent business sense, common sense, and a strong National Defense. Would you help me replace his vote against traditional values with my vote for traditional values?

I graduated from West Point, and spent 23 years serving our country in the United States Army. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I retired from the Army and returned to Morgantown, WV to help run a small family business. As an owner of a small business, I learned firsthand the destructive nature of government over-regulation and excessive taxation. Ronald Reagan was right when he said, “Government is the problem.”

My motives and principles are simple – I want to uphold the Constitution and make sure the money you earn remains your money. The Federal Government is only entitled to the use of our tax dollars to do the things enumerated in the Constitution – such as provide for our Defense – and no more. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a mandate for Government provided healthcare, bailouts, cash for clunkers, Czars, Wall-Street bonuses, TARPs, Stimulus Packages, the takeover of General Motors, or the hundreds of other bureaucracies and taxing schemes that Washington politicians have created. We need to restore common sense, financial restraint, and personal responsibility to Government, and we need to do it now.

But I cannot succeed in my effort to help take our country back without your support. Won’t you join me today?

Let me focus on the two main reasons prompting me to run. Because of the irresponsibility of Washington politicians, our banking system went into crisis thus putting the economy in a tailspin. Like so many other Americans, I personally feel that crisis every day and I want to stand up and help our economy recover and put people back to work..

I filed to run, and my campaign has been well-received. I’m hearing a lot of voter frustration, and a desire to take this country back from Obama and his radical agenda. But, this campaign is not going to be easy: President Obama and the liberal special interests will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to support my opponent, who is one of their strongest allies in Congress. So why do I think I can win over an incumbent? Because I am from outside the establishment and have never been corrupted by government, which is the problem! People are fed up with Obama’s moves to socialism, and want to return to basic American values of hard work, freedom, and limited government. With support of true conservatives and patriots like you, I can defeat one of ObamaÕs strongest allies in the House.

If you are concerned about jobs, government spending, and Congress’ continued disregard for hard-working Americans, then please help me today – it will make a difference. With your support, I will have the ability to fight for the interests of the American taxpayer, instead of the interests of Big Government. With your help, we will put someone in Congress who understands and comes from the real world.


Mac Warner

Mac Warner


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