A Test Of Manhood?

Posted: March 8, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

A Test Of Manhood?Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are about to turn their quest to shove ObamaCare down your throat into a “manhood contest.”

So says, Byron York with The Washington Examiner.

York adds; “Things in the House of Representatives are about to get very, very rough,” and “Democrats who are considering voting against the bill are about to experience arm-twisting, threats, and pressure like they’ve never experienced.”

But wait until you hear this.

In that same article, York quotes an anonymous Democratic strategist as calling Democrats, who would have actually have the courage to stand with the American people and stand-up to Obama, Pelosi and Reid, “bedwetting crybabies.”

Is this Democratic strategist effectively saying that standing up for what is right makes someone a “bedwetting crybaby” and that giving-in to bullying, threats, intimidation and arm-twisting is a sign of “manhood?”

These playground analogies and the twisted logic is almost beyond belief but might provide a mirror into the venom that Obama, Pelosi and Reid will desperately put into forcing their government-run health care scheme on the American people.

That’s why you can’t let up… not until the battle is won. And that’s why we must send our elected officials a clear message that the real test of “manhood” is the ability to stand up to bullies and honorable serve the American people.

Our best chance to stop ObamaCare is to stop it in the House of Representatives where we only need to turn a few votes.

Contact your Congressmen and tell them, in no uncertain terms, that when “We, the American people” say “No” to ObamaCare, dammit, we meant NO!

What part of NO do you jackasses in Washington not understand?

Is Pelosi the only one who has balls? When are YOU, the American people, going to stand up to these goons?

It’s quite evident that Obama and Reid don’t have any backbone. They’re spineless!


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