Pelosi: Pass ObamaCare… THEN read it! Yeah, right!

Posted: March 11, 2010 by thesundowner in Communism, Drive By Media, Political Humor, Politics, Socialism, Socialists

Well, I thought I had seen it all, but was taken aback last night when I was watching the evening news. Watching Nancy Pelosi was like watching a jack-in-the-box — nuttier than a box of Cracker Jacks. This retread is nuttier — as we say in the South — than a (expletive) fruitcake.

Now she’s telling us “trust me” — just pass the health bill… then we’ll read it.

Yeah… right!

I was sitting on my recliner and when I heard that, I leaned forward and asked, “Did I just hear what I thought this woman just said?”

Well, that’s not what I said.  Actually, I wasn’t that nice.

A friend stopped by the office today and he mentioned that he saw the same newscast. His reaction was the same as mine. And so was everybody else down at the Local Water Hole.

The Dictator in Chief has all but tried to cram this down our throat with an empirical edict to have an “up or down” vote by March 18. That’s only 8 more days. Feeling the heat on her bulbous derriere, Madame Speaker is crowing to the Great Unwashed to support the passage of this bill. Only, the Great Unwashed isn’t going to pay for it.

You will.

I won’t.  I’ll be out of the country where these morons can’t get their hands on my money.

Here’s what Pelosi said about ObamaCare in an address to the National Association of Counties yesterday:

…We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.

Hey! I’m not making this sh*t up! If I was a writer on the Letterman show, I couldn’t have dreamed this up on a half ounce of cocaine and a bottle of Cuervo.

As we say in the South, “I sh*t you not!

This latest condescension toward the American people has only raised the level of arrogance of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi politburo to new heights. To be quite frank with you, I didn’t think it was possible. But it must be: it’s either that or they’re doing more coke and Cuervo than I could ever dream of doing.

Both the House and Senate bills were crafted behind closed doors without Republicans being “invited” for input. Why? Because the ninkumpoops  of this nonsense knew that “we the American people” would understood the scope and breadth of this governmental takeover of our medical system, and a complete overhaul of our economy, liberties and freedoms.

And they also knew that we would strongly reject them. They will only find out how much we reject them when we go to the polls in November.

The so-called “President’s Plan” is simply that – a plan. It doesn’t even exist, legislatively speaking. It’s only “smoke and mirrors” that promises to “fix” the Senate bill once the House passes it.  It’s a plan to take your freedoms and liberties away from you through the “inside snow-job” of health care legislation.

When they control your health care, they control you.

But can we trust this plan? Has the Anointed One kept any of his “other” promises?

That is why Democrats in the House are wavering now on this bill and reluctant to pass the Senate version. It is only on the administration’s and Harry Reid’s word that any “fixes” will take place.

Yeah, right!

You believe that?

Mr. Obama, we don’t trust you. Simply put. And we don’t trust the bulk of your cronies in D.C. That’s why we’re voting to make clauses of your bill illegal in many states. That’s why we are forced to invoke the 10th Amendment. And that’s why we will fight you to protect our freedom and liberty for our posterity.

That’s why Virginia just passed a law to make it illegal to require anyone to be forced into your crap.

Madame Speaker, we are quite aware of what’s in your nonsensical health care bill. We don’t want it, we don’t like it, and we damn well won’t let you take our freedoms and liberty away from us without a fight.

And we’re not talking verbal pugilism, either. We’re talking about taking our anger out on you at the polls, at the grass roots level, and in the Tea Party town hall meetings…

…and if necessary, in the streets and alley ways.

If you do twist enough arms to pass it… count on this: we will bring a lawsuit! You — personally — and the members of the ultraliberal 111th Congress WILL PERSONALLY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Meanwhile, your little Dictator in Chief is telling the American public to “push Congress!”

I’ve got news for you: we’re pushing Congress to kill this bill or they will be out of a job, too.

You say that you want to hear from us? Then what part of “NO” do you and your retread cronies not understand?

P.S. I’m tired of being polite. It doesn’t seem to work.

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