Liberals and a Big Piece of Turd Pie

Posted: March 25, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

As you probably already know, Liberals don’t like to be
held accountable for their actions and behavior. They
only want to be remembered for their “good intentions.”
What’s that old adage? The road to hell is paved with
good intentions…

And… oh, dear! Don’t dare even think of confusing
Liberals with facts, numbers (which ARE absolute) and

Any other concept that suggests being held to account
for their words and actions is equally going to be
distasteful in the mouth of Liberals.

A few days ago, Thomas Frank wrote a column in the Wall
Street Journal “Tilting Yard” and was almost apoplectic
over the Texas State Board of Education’s stipulation
that High School students be required to look at the
“unintended consequences” of LBJ’s Great Society
reforms when studying that era.

In the aftermath of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Politburo
handing 1/6th of the economy over to their cronies in
the unions — through which taxpayer dollars would be
laundered back to their campaign coffers, Megan McArdle
[HT: Ace], Obama-voter though she was, proposes to use
the statistics (inflated and false though most of them
are) the proponents of ObamaCare cited in favor of the
legislation as measurements via which the effectiveness
of the legislation would be measured.

Of course, every liberal who cited all those statistics
at “The Atlantic” are just as alarmed as Thomas Frank
at the prospect of Texas high school students actually
examining the results of liberal “reforms.”

Might we actually LEARN the truth upon EXAMINING the
unintended consequences?

Do you think we might actually punch holes in the
fallacious Liberal Logic if we apply some “critical
thinking” to the issues?

All of a sudden those are not reasonable metrics, and
it is now unrealistic (even “racist(!)” to demand some
way of measuring, or even just use the metrics they
pushed to pass this bill, whether ObamaCare would
result in better quality and access to healthcare for
the American people.

The most interesting counter-charge to come out of this
is by McArdle’s opponents to echo the media’s newest
tame pet “Republican” David Frum and shift the blame to
the GOP. The argument goes that if any of the benefits
promised by the proponents of this legislation fails to
materialize, the responsibility is entirely on the GOP
for not bellying up to the pork-fest and eating a slice
of this turd pie.

Word of warning to GOP: don’t try to “fix” anything in
this bill. Don’t try to amend anything. You will only
be blamed if it doesn’t work.

Just broom the SOB and sweep it out of the halls into
the dumpster.

Then, start over.


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