The Agenda of Convert and Surrender

Posted: March 29, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave to see that the American people voted for a radical communist to be President of the United States.

The left has been trying to convert the American people to communists aggressively since the 60’s. They believe that the only way to avoid WW III with Russia and China is for the USA to convert to communists and join a one world communist government. This world government will be run by the Russians and China and it will materialize without the need for a nuclear war.

The left are sabotaging the military, the economy and the war on terror, because they are working for our enemies. They are imploding us from within and they sense that victory is near, the destruction of capitalism.

Global population control will then commence after this is achieved, just look at the history of so called Marxist Utopia’s and how they wipe out millions of their people via starvation.

9-11 was executed by our enemies in Russia, China and Iran, because they wanted to drag the USA into costly and bloody wars so that the American people would grow weary of war. This is not a war against Islam or radical Islam, they are being used as the foot soldiers by the global Marxists to break the back of capitalism and freedom.

So, the sum this all up…

The American left are working with our enemies to implode us from within and the military leaders are in on this conspiracy as well, since they are just watching this take place.

Here is a clip of Ronald Reagan talking about converting to socialism for peace.


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