New Arizona Law Has More Teeth In It Than The Left Really Likes

Posted: April 24, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Anderson Cooper Sweating About the New Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Eligibility

Why are the commies on the left so scared of this issue if they keep insisting that Obama is eligible to be president? Have you noticed that they keep saying that Obama is a citizen, but not natural born citizen? Maybe Obama became a US Citizen when Michelle married him?

The left is scared to death of this issue, because they see that this issue is NOT going away and that Obama aka Barry Soetoro is cornered like a rat in the basement.

Do you know why Obama mentioned several months ago that he might just do ONE TERM? Because his scam is over if five other states pass this same law!

Who is standing in line and following Arizona’s lead?

  • Texas?
  • Georgia?
  • Florida?
  • Alabama?
  • Mississippi?
  • Louisiana?
  • New Mexico?
  • California?

Have you ever seen such a big deal about some school and birth records? Something is awfully fishy folks!

Do you also notice that Glenn Beck likes to bash Phil Berg, but he never has him on his show to discuss this issue?

Why? Because Berg would wipe the floor with that pompous moron, that’s why! And his lies would be exposed in front of what is left of his sychophants.

BY THE WAY, this video was the #1 video on You Tube today for a reason, people know that Obama is a FRAUD.


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