The Gulf Oil Spill – The Perfect Distraction

Posted: June 1, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

The Gulf Oil Spill – The Perfect Distraction

Believe it or not, this oil spill is a gift to Barry and the Democrats, because it keeps the American people distracted from the health care bill that was rammed down their throats. Plus, it keeps people distracted from the ever growing Obama eligibility (and Joe Sestak) issues that refuse to go away.

Yes, Obama is worried that Fox News (and Glen Beck) have been unable to squash this controversy for him. November is right around the corner folks…

Plus this oil spill demonizes the oil companies and this is something that the left have been doing for many years. This is a win, win situation for Obama if you look at it from ‘different’ angle.

Of course, I do not buy the stories about the cause of this explosion, especially since a Venezuelan gas rig happened to sink the following week. This Venezuelan gas rig got no coverage in the media at all.

Oh? You didn’t know about that one? That figures. If you’re drinking your Kool-Aid from the Lame Stream Media, you WON’T know anything.

Russian KGB sites leaked info several days after the Gulf Oil explosion, stating that a North Korean submarine hit the oil well with a torpedo. I do not believe this story, but is it a cover for something else by Russian intelligence? Why would they release this story?

Remember: anytime the Russians are involved (in ANYTHING) it’s not an accident.

Was it a Venezuelan submarine (they reportedly bought 6 from the Russians)? Then, their gas rig was sunk a week later by a US sub in retaliation? We will never know, because the media is controlled and being censored on many issues and not just this one.

Remember that I keep stressing our enemies do not want the Democrats to lose power. Russia and China have investing lots of time and money into the socialist infiltration and brainwashing of America. The Republicans taking back control would be a major set back and that would hurt their long term objectives.

Do not get me wrong, I think many of the Republicans are scared to death of what they are seeing. They know what happens to politicians that resist Marxist revolutions, they wind up DEAD or in jail.


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