Snake Oil Salesmen and Politics

Posted: June 27, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

When I was just a young lad, growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, old-timers like my grandparents told us stories about the smooth-talking salesmen who traveled by caravan from town to town selling “miracle cure-all tonics.”

Snake oil, the locals called it.

“Trust me,” went the con-men’s pitch, “My miracle tonic smells like shit, tastes like shit and will make you sicker than shit — but don’t worry — it cures all kinds of shit!”

Does this pitch sound familiar to you? It sure sounds a lot like the shit that Barack Obama is trying to sell you and the rest of the American people. His economic recovery “tonic” smells like snake oil… er, shit.

I’m no financial expert, but something about this so-called “economic recovery” just doesn’t sit right. It smells like shit.

Let me ask you a question: what kind of real recovery takes place when 8 million jobs are lost, unemployment is locked in over 10%, and Americans (hundreds of thousands of whom are trapped with “underwater” mortgages) are holding on to their wallets for dear life?

And when our President is burdening taxpayers with huge new entitlement programs on top of huge old entitlement programs already going broke – and printing trillions of inflated dollars to pay for it all?

I say, he doesn’t know “Shit from Shine-Ola.”

Seriously, can you really trust this “Obama rally” when his administration is bashing Wall Street daily? And when, starting in January, the President slaps tax hikes on high-earners — who invest heavily — along with higher taxes on dividends and capital gains? Oh, and don’t forget the VAT tax he won’t talk about, but is planning.

You know investors love higher taxes, don’t you?

OK, that last bit was tongue in cheek. As I said, I’m no economist; but I do know the most effective way to cripple an economic recovery or strangle investor enthusiasm is through a tax hike.

I don’t know about you, but the track record this little dictator has right now isn’t going so good. Every time he opens his mouth, it smells like shit.


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