Will the United States Go the Way of of the Dodo Bird… or the Roman Empire?

Posted: August 1, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

When do you suppose the dopes of imperial Rome first realized that their way of life was in decline?

A few foresaw the impact of Caesar’s usurpation of the rule of law. Many more sounded the alarm when Rome’s fiscal balance spiraled out of control, debts multiplying faster than the ability to extract taxes from a dwindling base of productive citizens.

The plebeian masses, accustomed to bread and circuses, were probably oblivious until Rome was finally sacked. Everything was fine yesterday! How did these barbarians get in?

Strange indeed. Now we sit in front of our stupid-tubes, quaffing on the swill served up by “reality TV,” and the ilk of daytime talk shows.

Does this sound all too familiar?

When Hitler and Stalin wanted to keep the masses distracted, all they had to do was put on a few concerts — with wild parties afterwards — to keep all the operatives in check.

Now you have the Anointed One playing up to rock stars and media elites, while the employed are grumbling en masse, as did the proletariat before the revolution.

A strange sign of the times has begun traversing America’s rural byways. The sole purpose of this giant machine is to grind up paved roads leaving behind a trail of chopped asphalt and gravel. Strapped county administrators are throwing in the towel, unable to maintain their road systems absent the flow of largess cut off from near bankrupt state and federal agencies.

Instead of reducing their carbon footprint by driving ecologically friendly electric cars these people will soon be riding horses. But how will you feed your horse? You can’t get a “plugged nickel” for a horse these days. You can’t even give them away, much less sell them.

Large parts of Detroit — other major cities — are returning to the wild as abandoned sections of these cities succumb to bulldozers. Homes whose purchases were made possible by an unsustainable bloat of union wages and entitlements, liar’s loan mortgages, and easy Federal money are disappearing faster than Barney Frank can pop a Viagra.

The response to these signs of decline? Our own aspiring Caesar and his phalanx of jackasses promise more, not less. Free health care for all! Free cash for not working! Buy a car, buy a house, get a check! Bottomless subsidies are being shoveled at environmental impresarios promising to save us from our stupidity. Court economists scream that things will keep getting worse unless we tax, borrow and spend our way back to prosperity.

Ah! When will the stupid assholes in D.C. ever learn that Kenysian economics has never worked, and will NEVER work?

Real estate investors, tech investors and entrepreneurs turn to each other and ask “What is your back-up country?”

These people aren’t joking! Properties are being purchased in the Third World faster than Hillary Clinton could turn a hundred grand into a million in a White County, Arkansas land deal! While properties are being purchased, contingency plans are being made.

What will it take to make most people in this country realize that the grand American experiment is tottering on the brink? The destruction of their life savings? The nationalization of vast industries? That’s already happened! How much more do these criminals need to take from you to wake your dumb ass up from its slumber?

Rome was at the peak of civilization for a thousand years. Will the United States find the strength to make it for another 100 years?


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