Emperor Obama In London

Posted: September 2, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

How many staff and how much equipment does Obama need to tavel to London?

Was this narcissistic entourage reported on in the USA?

Nope. He looks like an adolescent fool to the rest of the world he tries to impress. Read on!

If you’re not sure what “big government” implies, take a look at this…

But you have already read about this in your local newspaper, didn’t you?

Oh no, you didn’t? OK then, you saw it on CNN… No?…


You and I may never see health care again the way it used to be, but “Emperor Obama” took six (6) doctors with him for a 3 day visit to London – along with 494 other essential staff!

You just gotta love this spread-the-wealth, hopey-changey thing…


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