‘Can we still be friends? I don’t think so!

Posted: October 11, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

by Colonel John Braddock

President Obama has been steadily firing up the flamethrowers for the midterm vote in a few weeksl Now one of his top advisers seems to be walking around on egg shells with a fire extinguisher.

You’ve really got to be joking. For the past few weeks you and your most ardent Communist pals in the DemocRAT Party have been laying into the Republicans like wheat threshers. You’ve accused them of everything from dishonesty to deceit to near treason over their resistance to your BS (and, might I say) UNCONSTITUTIONAL programs.

But, hey! That’s politics, right?

Hey! Obama! This ain’t Facebook! Got it?

Especially when an election is coming up and your party is on the ropes.

Now here comes your senior adviser, David Axelrod, (who, by the way is just as clueless as you are) this past weekend saying he hopes if the Republicans make big gains this fall they’ll be more inclined to cooperate with your plans.

Has he been locked in a frickin’ closet or what?!

Or, is he just addled from pounding his head against the wall because of your gaffs?

You might want to be singing a different tune than “Bipartisan Kumbaya.” You might get a little further with the Republicans if you quit slapping them up the side of the head.

And, while you’re at it… you might quit acting like a jackass, too.

The GOP is going to gain some seats, no doubt about it. What with the Tea Partiers, they might even reqain a majority control in both houses.

Who knows…

Either way, you’re a lame duck… and a lame jackass, too.

No matter how many or how few take seats away from your Commie Bastards Butt Buddy Club, you’re still going to need some friends on their side of the aisle. If not, then you may as well schedule a lot of golfing for the next two years, and send your wife and kids back to Spain.


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