Seven More Days, You Have Not Stopped Obama, You Have Won Nothing!

Posted: October 26, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

You have not stopped Barack Obama. You have not, to paraphrase P. J. O’Rourke, served the restraining order.

You have not made this country safe.

You have not stopped the advance of socialism in this country.

You have not stopped the Democrats from destroying the economy.

You, all of you, have won nothing. NOTHING.

And it will stay that way – imaginary wins, fictitious actions against an elite hostile toward the idea of America – unless you vote on November 2nd.

You, me, all of us, we have won not one damn race. Many have decided it is in the bag. Many have decided they’ve done all they can, given all the can, and are now resting.

Don’t rest. The election is exactly seven days from today.

You have won not one race. But you can.


All the gains in the polls don’t mean a damn thing. All the “huffing and puffing” and the bloviating doesn’t mean a damn thing.

The only thing that will matter is YOU getting off your ass, going to the polls and casting your vote.

You DO NOT have it “in the bag”… not yet.

And then the real fight begins November 3rd.

  1. turtlemom3 says:

    Already voted (absentee) in city election. Already scheduled in voting on Tuesday. Several hotly fought contests and we will be voting in the most conservative polling area in the most conservative district of the state! The signs are up all over the place.

    We’ll do our part. Just hope everyone else does their’s!

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