The President Is In Denial

Posted: November 7, 2010 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

While Obama is in India, and no doubt using this Sunday to reassess his way forward following this past week’s “shellackin'”…

Dear Mr. Obama,

I’ll at least give you the initial respect of calling you Mr. and by your last name. However, you will never earn my respect to call you my president as long as you remain clueless in your communist mindset.

A lot of folks think that you are still in denial about what happened to you last week.

I know you are.

You, somehow, just can’t accept the fact that this was a repudiation of your communist agenda by the voters. No, I won’t call it “socialist” or “progressive”…

It’s communist: Marxism, through and through.

Hey! I understand: your sychophantic Kool-Aid drinkers in the Great Unwashed will never understand.

Yet, you and your fellow knucklehead DemocRATS still make a big deal out of saying that it was a “communication” problem.

No… it’s not a “communication problem.” We hear you “loud and clear” and we’re just not buying into your bullshit story.

You continue to suggest that the only reason people voted against your side was because we didn’t understand what you’ve done.

I know that’s the spin you would like your ignorant followers to believe, but even they are starting to disavow themselves from your nonsense. Yes, they’re having “buyer’s remorse.” And it’s sticking like a knot in your ass.

We are not really convinced that you’re really that cavalierly writing off the train that rolled over you as a figment of the voters’ collective imagination. No… you know exactly what happened and it aches like a pole impaled up your rear end.

No one likes being “talked down to” like we were a bunch of unruly children. We don’t like being told that our ideas are not good ones.

And let’s face it: In many of the matters you’re dealing with, you really don’t know if your approach is right or wrong, and you’re too smug, proud and arrogant to admit it. Some voters think your approach is brilliant, but that’s because they’re not as brilliant as you think YOU are. And it’s also because you don’t think they’re as brilliant as you are.

Yes, you think we’re all a bunch of stupid hay-seed hicks. I know. But, listen up: if you didn’t hear us last week, we will only speak louder in 2012. And you can take that to the bank. It’s better than a bet at the lottery.

Being right — or thinking you are right — is tricky business. The leader who chooses a bold course and triumphs is hailed as a genius. The one who chooses a bold course and fails is damned as an idiot. Confidence and foolhardiness walk hand-in-hand.

In your case, you have made Jimmy Carter look like a Summa Cum Laude member of Mensa. But, we also know he’s not. He thinks so, but he’s just another one of those hay-seed idiots you so detest.

A political genius? Try Ronald Reagon, and his predecessor Barry Goldwater, were geniuses, politically and historically speaking. History has also redeemed George W. Bush.


Sorry pal… you’re tagged as “in over your head” as Hillary said you were. You’ll never recover from your ineptitude because it is at your own hand that you bring your own demise. Politically speaking, you (and your cronies) are suicidal.

Only, we’re not going to let you take us with you.

No, no…

If you simply give up on your ideas because they became unpopular, absent ostensible proof that they are wrong, then you really are in denial…of yourself.

Maybe, just maybe, on November 7, 2012, you will wake up and face reality.

We damn sure hope so!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    He won’t wake up – he’s incapable of that. All we can do is make sure he’s a one-term president.

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