Donal Trump Explains His Pro-life Conversion

Posted: April 18, 2011 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Donald Trump says he changed his view from pro-choice to pro-life after a couple he was close to decided to give birth to a child rather than have an abortion.

(Editor’s Note: Notice the Trumpster never names his “friend”… maybe he’s just another one of those convenient imaginary friends.)

In an interview on The Brody File website, correspondent David Brody told Trump, who says he is seriously considering running for president in 2012:

“Evangelicals do want to feel secure that they’re going to have a nominee that’s going to at least be solid on those issues, those social issues. Someone that’s not just going to cut and move on.”

Trump responded: “One thing about me, I’m a very honorable guy. I’m pro-life, but I changed my view a number of years ago. One of the reasons I changed — one of the primary reasons — a friend’s wife was pregnant, in this case married. She was pregnant, and he didn’t really want the baby.

“He was crying as he was telling me the story. He ends up having the baby, and the baby is the apple of his eye. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him. And here’s a baby that wasn’t going to be let into life. And I heard this, and some other stories, and I am pro-life.”

Brody asked, “So those stories did change you, they came around and changed you?”

Trump responded, “Yeah, they changed my view as to that, absolutely.”

Trump said in a recent Newsmax interview that he’s mulling a White House run because he hates “what’s happening to this country.”

How convenient: to be able to change like a chameleon.


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