Harsh interrogation debate returns with the bin Laden takedown

Posted: May 6, 2011 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Within hours of BHO’s announcement that ObL had been killed, politics returned to the fray.

A small but vocal group of Republicans including former Bush administration officials began claiming that information obtained from waterboarding and other now-prohibited enhanced interrogation techniques led to the successful assault on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

Conclusion: water boarding works.

Interviews and commentaries by conservatives, including former Vice President Dick Cheney repeated the contention, citing media reports rather than direct information.

A closer look shows no obvious evidence of a direct connection, at least to waterboarding, the simulated drowning technique considered to be torture under international law.

Who gives a shit if it’s considered torture under international law? We are not ruled by international law: we have a Constitution. Get over it!

While administration officials, former interrogators and others concede that thousands of pieces of information collected over the past nine years eventually brought U.S. Navy SEALs to bin Laden, no one has cited specific information that came from the harsh interrogations labeled torture. But, that doesn’t stop defenders of enhanced interrogations from trying, either.

It’s like this: who gives a f_ck if the enemy likes it or not. They don’t seem to give a damn when it comes to beheading and executing their prisoners. They DAMN sure don’t abide by any law: international or not.


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