Today’s Politically Incorrect Headlines: New Gun Rules Imposed by Obama’s Executive Orders

Posted: July 13, 2011 by thesundowner in Uncategorized

Conservative Byte NewsToday’s Featured Article:

New Gun Rules Imposed by Obama’s Executive Orders

Today’s Politically Incorrect Headlines:
a.. DC Park Ranger Caught Lying About America’s
b.. Obama’s Only Hope of Reelection is Forcing John
Boehner to Cave
c.. Burger, Fries, and Shake! Michelle Obama Orders
1,700-Calorie ‘Shake Shack’ Lunch
d.. The Left’s 14th Amendment Lie
e.. West Bank, Gaza Terrorists Use Google Earth to
Select Israeli Civilian Targets for Rocket Attack
f.. ‘Shrill Exaggerations’ on Debt Limit?
g.. Saudi Arabian dollars buying American influence
h.. The Republicans Don’t Need to Do Anything; Obama
Has to Learn to Prioritize Spending to Avoid Default
i.. Deception evidence reaches Oval Office?
j.. See evidence of ‘scandal’ over Obama’s birth
k.. They Have NOT “Tried Everything”
l.. ABC News: Bachmann Husband Victim of Undercover
Sting Op
m.. Getting Ready for 8/24? Check Out Breathtaking
Aerial Views of Israel and Jerusalem
n.. Bill Maher Calls Palin and Bachmann MILFs on
CNN – Host Laughs
o.. Boehner Should Tell Obama: “Call When You’re
Ready to Talk Cutting Spending, Not Raising the


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