Orwellian Euphemism (pt 3 of 3)

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Orwellian Euphemism (pt 3 of 3)

The Child-in-Chief’s Reign of Error by Bill Reed

Enter Barak Hussein Obama. That scamp! Isn’t he the
dickens? Ya gotta love him! No. I really mean it. You’
ve GOT to love him… OR ELSE!
Here the analogy is not so much the ordinary household,
as the child who’s gone through his allowance for the
next several lifetimes, but will hold his breath, kick,
and scream bloody murder, until his parents extend his
credit yet again. In this analogy, his parents are
complicit in his corruption because he keeps
threatening to disown them and say bad things about
them if they refuse to capitulate. “Well, dear, after
all, it’s only a trillion. And we do want him to love
us, don’t we?”

Where this analogy falls short, however, is in that the
parents aren’t even in the room. If the allowance comes
from the parents, then the parents are the taxpayers.
Parents and taxpayers ask embarrassing questions. Such
as, “What do you need it for? What did you squander it
on last week? On what do you plan to spend it?” If they
knew Obama’s plans for the confiscated fruit of their
labor, they would run screaming from that room. But,
there’s not enough room in the room for all the
taxpayers, although at the rate their numbers are
dwindling there may yet be more of us than there are
congressmen. At that point a coup might be in order.
But, I digress. In lieu of the millions of parents
whose money is being supplied to this voracious
petulant child, we have “representatives”, ostensibly
chosen by the “parents”. Wrong again! Everyone wants to
be a “representative” in order to divide the spoils and
skim a piece for themselves:

“Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of
stolen goods.” – H.L. Mencken

These “representatives” represent only those
constituents whose votes have been bought and paid for
by their favorable lawmaking. And now the real subject
of this “debt limit” debate comes into plain view, in
all its hideous glory. If the spigot that feeds the
trough is suddenly shut off by this “debt limit”
thingy, how can they provide the promised largesse to
their constituents? Our president and his minions in
congress have obtained their office by, among other
tactics, promising various constituents a share in
those stolen goods. For example, Obama has hired
168,000 new reliable Democrat voters (Democrats are
religiously committed to the perpetual metastasis of
the bureaucracy, on whose votes and campaign
contributions they are utterly dependent). Sorry, I
mean, federal employees, doing God’s work for Americans
everywhere, no doubt,

Congress appropriates, the President prioritizes.
Ordinarily, Americans should expect their president,
for the sake of the nation’s reputation abroad, to put
as rosy a face as possible on difficult economic
circumstances, especially if those circumstances were a
direct result, as they are, of the policies he has
advocated, embraced, and signed into law. Americans do
not expect their president to break the bank with his
“stimulating” policies, and then deliberately panic
everyone within earshot with threats to “default on our
debts”, as he and “Timmy the Chimp” Geithner have
habitually done, tripping over one another to get their
irresponsible apocalyptic fear-mongering out there.
“See, now Wall Street is fraidy-scared! Give us the

The only way America could possibly default on her
debts, or her commitments to Social Security and
Medicare recipients, would be if Obama himself, like an
ordinary household that decided in favor of 8 weeks in
Acapulco over the mortgage, were to childishly,
maliciously and deliberately decide in favor of the
frivolous junk we’ve been hoarding in government over
the last century or so, over paying our debts and
honoring commitments to entitlement beneficiaries. In
other words, if Obama were to decide in favor of his
bought and paid for constituents, over the American
people. What a breath of fresh air Chicago politics in
Washington D.C. has turned out to be. This is a whole
new brand of ethics.

Unfortunately, with the complicity of the press,
government schools, and corrupt politicians, the
American public has been made a sucker for these
bald-faced lies. The reliance of folks like Obama on
the ignorance and fear of the electorate has been
paying handsome dividends for them for decades now.
Their confidence is well-placed.

Never forget the Alinskyite motto enunciated by Rahm
Emanuel, and deeply believed by the entire Obama
administration: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
And if there is no crisis? Create one. Game, set, and
match! Absent a return to our Constitution, this
outcome is inevitable.

More on that later.

Yours in Liberty,

Bill Reed

(coming soon to a computer near you)


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